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Dark Mages

Dark Guilds are guilds that are no longer (or never were) recognized by the Magic Council; therefore they are treated as criminal organizations. Dark Guilds are typically dismissive of legal guilds, seeing that they abide the rules imposed by the Magic Council. Their belief is that rules of the Council limit the potential of guilds as they place too many restrictions.


There is very little information known about the hierarchy of Dark Guilds. All Dark Guilds, like legal guilds, are run by their respective Guild Master. Dark Guilds have S-Class level Mages, but it is unknown if the Mages in question are called "S-Class Mages". In the Grimoire Heart Guild they have a Deputy Commander, or second in charge, of their guild.

Balam Alliance[]

The Balam Alliance

The Balam Alliance (バラム同盟 Baramu Dōmei) is an alliance between three of the four most powerful Dark Guilds in the world. Despite being referred to as an alliance, the three guilds do not interact with each other at all, and their alliance is nothing more than a non-aggression pact. They control the underworld, and all Dark Guilds, the only exception was Raven Tail, are under the control of one of the three. At the moment, the alliance consists of only two guilds following the disbandment and dissolution of Oración Seis.

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Oración Seis An extremely powerful Dark Guild. They were one of the three major Dark Guilds of the Balam Alliance that dominates the world of Dark Guilds. They comprised the smallest guild ever shown, with only six true members. They made an attempt to seize Nirvana. They were defeated by the Light Team, and are now dissolved. Brain Dissolved [1]
Grimoire Heart One of the three major Dark Guilds and a member of the Balam Alliance. It is the strongest Dark Guild in existence. Its members reside in a very large airship that flies over the land. They were initially hunting down the keys to the seal which binds the legendary Dark Mage Zeref, but seem to have attained all of them now. They have successfully found out that Zeref is on Tenrou Island and arrived there to find and unseal him. Because Fairy Tail members were also on the island for their annual S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial, a war occurred between the two Guilds, which Fairy Tail ultimately won. Hades Unknown [2]
Tartaros Nothing is known about the this guild, except for the fact that it is the third member of the Balam Alliance. The Guild was revealed to be an all monsters guild which the main members are Entherious Demons from the Book of Zeref.  Mard Geer Tartaros Dissolved Unknown
Kou Blade The Dark Guild that is the center of the Balam Alliance that works as the imperial army of the Kou Empire. Its goal is to destroy all other guilds and take over the Magic Council so that the Kou Empire would gain control over the world Gyokuen Ren Active
Phantom Lord A Dark Guild that was once the most ultimate Legal guild in Fiore ever known until it's master Jose Porla started getting all power hungry for being famous and tried to have Lucy brought back to her father to get even more power. Then they returned as a dark guild that is a corner of the Balam Alliance as it's north corner Jose Porla Active

Other Dark Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Eisenwald A Dark Guild that operated under the Oración Seis. They were supposedly disbanded by the Magic Council, but continued taking assassination missions and other guild activities. Filled with spite for the Magic Council, they schemed a way to get revenge. Upon hearing of the infamous Magical flute, Lullaby, they planned to kill all of the Guild masters as they attended the regular meeting with Lullaby's mass murder Magic. Their plan was spoiled by Team Natsu however. Erigor Dissolved Unknown
Naked Mummy A small Dark Guild operating under Oración Seis that specializes in Guns Magic. All their members look like monkeys. Unknown Active [3]
Death's Head Caucus Another Dark Guild is known for being unmatched in its number of successful assassinations. The only known members, the team Trinity Raven, participated in Jellal Fernandes's Heaven's Game against the Fairy Tail members. The guild seems to be extremely powerful, as all three members shown were able to match or overpower S-Class level Mages such as Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, and Juvia Lockser. And their leader, Ikaruga, held the upper hand against Erza Scarlet for the majority of their battle. Unknown Active [4]
Dark Unicorn Another Dark Guild under Oración Seis' control. Nothing is known about them except that they all wear similar uniforms. These uniforms look a bit like school uniforms and most of them are worn in a style that is reminiscent of a high school delinquent. They also style their hair in a way that looks like the horn of a unicorn. They seem to carry around weapons instead of using Magic. Unknown Unknown [5]
Harpuia A guild that was personally lead by Racer, one of the Oración Seis. Its members were all easily defeated by Natsu while he was hunting for Jellal. They all resembled pit crew workers since they carried tools and wore helmets. Racer Unknown [6]
Ghoul Spirit A guild aligned to the Oración Seis that was quickly destroyed by the Thunder God Tribe. No leader was made apparent. Their guild was located northwest of Shirotsume Town. Unknown Unknown [7]
Red Hood A guild aligned to the Oración Seis that encountered Lyon, Sherry and Jura. They all wear red hoods, as the name suggests. Many members of that guild were seen wielding staffs. As seen most of the Mages of the guild are exceptionally good drawers and use Pict Magic like Reedus Jonah, but the difference is that they use it on paper and not in their bodies. Also they've been show to use an ability called Unison Pict which combines all of their drawings and summons together using everyone's Magic. Also another reason of using this Magic might be that some of the drawings are really strong and the users can't call them out single-handedly such as in the case of the wyvern they summoned. Even Jura Neekis admired their drawing skills and capabilities but nonetheless defeated the wyvern as well as all of them with minimal effort. Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fairy Tail (Edolas) Fairy Tail (Edolas) is an alternate universe counterpart of the Fairy Tail Guild from Earth Land. The Fairy Tail Guild was the only guild in the entire Edolas realm and was treated like a Dark Guild since Mage guilds are banned. It was therefore targeted by the Royal Army for destruction. Now that Mystogan sucked all the Magic of Edolas to Earth Land, it doesn't have any Magic anymore. Unknown Active [8]

Fanfiction Dark Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Machinateum A Dark Guild that overpowered the Balam Alliance that created it's own Alliance that is more distructive and powerful. The Guild acts like an Army that controls other dark Guilds like a boss. it's main goal is to wipe out all legal guilds and overpower the Magic council and the Governments of the World and rule the world itself. Hohl Barjenbruch Active


Ultimo Destructo Ultimo Destructo is the brother Guild of Tartaros and the West corner of Machinateum's alliance and also like it's brother guild conistsing of Monsters, Undead Mages and Demons. Pluto Active [3]
Chimera Trois A Dark Guild that resides in the Three-Headed Mountain. It is known for their Chimera Technique, when the three members join their bodies to create a giant monster, whose strength rivals that of one of Zeref's creations. It is the west corner of Machinateum's alliance  Mathias Isengrim Active [4]
Magnasium Dark A dark guild located somewhere in the land of Fiore. Nothing is known about them, since all the members wear black cloaks when doing missions so their identities is protected. However, it is revealed that the guild is very big, and is three times the size of Fairy Tail and has seven S-Class Mages. It is the East Corner of Machinateum's Alliance Saber Active [5]
Clown Town Treasure Hunting Guild, also known as a Pirate Guild, operating in the countries of Fiore andPergrande. The guild itself primarily resides on the guild ship, Big Blue. but frequents trips to the mainland. The members of Clown Chaos are accustomed (for the most part) to life at sea and are said to be some of the strongest is will power that is. Clown Chaos know how to tough out a storm, party all night, work all morning, find rare and exclusive treasures, relax, and repeat. It is the South Corner of Machinateum's Alliance Mister Unknown [6]
Dracola a Dark Guild, composed of strong Dark Mages. they are led by the notorius Lucifer Ravenneel. Lucifer Ravenneel Unknown [7]
Nightmare WIng a Dark Guild which has a mixture of both dark wizards who serve Zeref's forces in the Balam Alliance and roaming demons & Etherious from the lost pages of zeref's book also are among their ranks. They are the best guild and North Corner of Machinateum's Alliance. Katsuuyoshi Hojo Active Unknown
The Court of the Crimson King  The Most Ultimate Dark Guild that ever lived since the dawn of time. It conists of notorius mages of evil including The first Tower of Heaven Guards. Their purpose is to resurect the evil Blage Mage Zeref with the Tower of Heaven. David Jehoahaz Abraham Dissolved [8]