Erza Scarlet





19 or 26




Telekinesis Sword Magic (Spellblade) Requip: The Knight


Swords, Axes and other weapons

Relationship Status



  • Unnamed Mother
  • Jellal Fernandes (Cousin)
  • Unknown Grandfather




Tower of Heaven (Formerly) Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail BuildingErza Scarlet is one of the Members of Team Natsu in the Fairy Tail Guild and one of the protagonists of the series. She is the first S-Class member of Fairy Tail to appear in the series. She can magicaly change her apperances even risking getting naked to do that during battles.

Erza Scarlet is one of the Main protagonists of the Fairy Tail series. She is a member of Team Natsu and is the DeFacto leader of the Team.

History[edit | edit source]

Orgin of Birth[edit | edit source]

Erza is in the Scarlet Family which is the rare Families in the Ten wizarding Saints. Her Mother is single with no children and was living with her widowed father who was an aristocrat servant to the council. Erza's family was to be honored because they are decended from the ancient Warrior Monarchy that ruled Fiore. Erza's Mother's sister married Mr. Fernandes and gave birth to Erza's couisn Jellal. Erza's other Aunt married an Aristocrat agent of the Magic Councl like her father and they gave birth to twelve kids years after Erza. after that the family was exiled into Rosemary Village for crimes they did not commit.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Erza was born to Ms. Scarlet and Ms. Scarlet's Father in Rosemary Village years ago. She was raised by her mother and Maternal Grandfather with her cousin Simon She met another friend named Kagura who was friends like her as Jellal was friends with Simon. 8 years later the Black Raiders, a cult in service to Zeref (Natsu's Evil Older Brother) attacked the village and killed her mother and Grandfather and kidnaped the kids as prisoners. The Cult made the child prisoners slave workers in the Tower of Heaven to awaken the supreme lord of evil Zeref. The kids (Erza, Simon, Jellal, Kagura, Wally and Carlos) led a revolt to free themselves until the Raider troopers caught them escaping and punished them. Erza escaped with the kids finaly but lost her right eye in the process. Erza joined Fairy Tail.

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