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This wikia was created on the 25th of December 2010 by User: Happyguy14.

FairyTail Fanfiction Notifiations

  • Dec 27th '10 "Welcome to the site everyone! Hope people enjoy our work and that we rise to the rankings and become the number one FT fanon out there!"
  • Dec 27th '10 "We are now recruiting site admins. For those interested please visit the Requests for FairyTail Fanfiction Wikia Adminship page.
  • Dec 28th '10 "Looking for a designer to create a logo for the wiki. Please contact User: Happyguy14"

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This section of the wikia is dedicated wholely to the community and this is where we shall hold polls, questionairres and even display awards to members of the FTFf Wikia community. Have fun :)



These awards are given to special members of the FTFf wikia community who show dedication and effort in their work. There is a wide range of awards such as Most Original Writer, Most Active, Best Admin, etc. Keep working hard and anyone can expect to recieve an award.

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